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Neck Stretcher For Pain Relief Neck & Shoulder Relaxer Recliner Neck Cervical Traction Device Support Memory Foam Massager Pillow For Neck Massage And Relief Light Weight & Durable Neck Stretcher

Use for just 10 minutes a day to relieve shoulder and neck pain. Its unique curved design stretches the curve of the neck and shoulders and helps to relax the neck and cervical spine.
Ergonomic curve design,neck support has two ways to perfectly match the curve of the human cervical spine, both of which provide gentle neck traction for the cervical spine.
Chiropractic pillow with multiple massage points, the neck posture corrector works like a finger to provide massage and stretching in the tender areas of your neck and lower head.
Neck traction device is made of high quality, self-skinning foam, non-toxic,which has special comfort and durability. It is not easily deformed and provides strong support.
Tuxta Top focuses on your ease and satisfaction, always delivery products that are the best for your use and will benefit you. All of our products are tested before available for purchase.


Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 30 cm


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